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Zeus broadcasting Group is one of Americas fastest growing network of stations. We started with one station playing Today's Rock Music. Early this year, we added Remember When Radio playing standards, show tunes, and contemporary nostalgia. Then, we filled the time gap with Oldies Radio 88..

Radto M

Radio M started as a hobby in May of 2006 with a library of 10 songs. I wondered how I was going to run my own Internet radio station. I asked some friends their opinions and started to get ideas on what I wanted to do. First I had to come up with the name for the station mmm, another problem. I settled on Radio, with the M (for Mike) okay with that out of the way. Radio M took on a life all its own. I live in Conyers so I thought “let's make Conyers part of the station”. I came up with the station name The Rock Station in Conyers Radio M. Wow I think (to myself) this might actually work out! Choices on music Genre … do I play classic rock? Or go for more new rock music. I decided to play a mix of both with more new rock. The next major choice to make was a web site to promote the station; I wanted to keep Conyers in the loop with the radio station. I used for the web site conyersrockstation.com, subtle but still visible. Radio M started to take off. It was working! I had more and more listeners as I kept promoting the station. Today Radio M has a staff of 2, (That’s Mr. Mike to you!). Dean Carmine joined the staff in in 2007 to provide us with weather forecasts. Dean has since started up our sister stations, "Remember When Radio" and "Oldies Radio 88", both based in Columbia, SC. Radio M has grown past what I expected it to do and it's still growing every day. I put a lot of time into my web site and radio station every day. Radio is part of me every day; I love the music I play on Radio M. Our new web site "rock4yourworld,com" reflects my commitment to providing music to the world. In November 2007, Zeus Broadcasting was born. And, as they say, the rest is history in the making.

Remember When

Remember When Radio signed on to the internet in January, 2008. I've collected standards, show tunes, and early rock music for years. There has not been an outlet for this music in my area for several years and the music stayed in a closed case. I wanted to share it with people. With the encouragement and help of Mr. Mike, I  started with about 500 songs from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. After three weeks, the playlist is 1400 tunes. I hopr to expand it to 20,000 or more. It was good music then and it's good music now. Click on the icon to check out our website.

Oldies Radio 88 is your home for good old Rock n Roll. It features music from the beginnings of Rock in the 50s through the British Invasion of the 60s and into the 70s. It fills the gap between Remember When Radio (30s, 40s, and 50s) and Radio M (80s, 90s, and today).

Chris-Mar provides Station Imaging and voice-over for Zeus Broadcasting Group stations.

The Directors Cut is a weekly 2 hour movie radio show that started in 2005. It has grown to be one of the most popular movie podcasts online. The Directors Cut can be found on several online and broadcast radio stations. This show is for those who like movies! With news, reviews, interviews, games, and beautiful women: the Directors Cut is a movie show with attitude. Find them each and every week at www.thedirectorscutradio.com

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